About ŁRP- How it works

Łódzki Rower Publiczny provides an alternative form of transport, allowing its users to move around the city fast. It supplements the municipal transport in Łódź. ŁRP – 1534 bikes and 152 stations.


1. Join in

Register by clicking on “Register”, fill in the required data, accept the rules and pay the minimum 20 zł of the initial fee. One minute and you may use the city bikes on 24/7 basis.

2. Rent

Go to the terminal, press “Rent” and PIN and follow the instructions on the screen. The bike you have chosen is released automatically. If you’re secured with a cable lock – unlock it with the code provided. Enjoy your ride!

3. Return the bicycle

You do not have to go to the terminal. All you need to do is to walk your bike into the electric lock. Don’t worry – the sound signal indicates you have returned the bike. In order to ensure that the return has been successfully completed, verify it on your user account. If there is no stationary locks available at the given station, use the cable lock provided to attach your bike to any loop on the rack. or any other bicycle and change the numbers on the lock. In such case, proceed to the terminal, press “Return” and follow the instructions on the screen.

4. Use

Use city bikes whenever you like. From the beginning of April to the end of November city bikes are available on a 24/7 basis

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In order to use the bikes you have to fill in the registration form which is located on the website  of city bike system,  accept the terms of use and top up the newly created account with the so called "initial payment" in the minimum amount of 20PLN. As soon as the amount  is recognized within the account-rentals are available.

It is enough to approach the terminal, conduct identification (through mobile telephone number and PIN number or registered proximity card), press "Rent" button and follow instructions displayed on the screen. The bike will be automatically released from electric lock. Once the bike is secured with a line, identification at the terminal is necessary followed by pressing the button "Rent" and following the instructions or calling the hotline. Code lock is unlocked via a, obtained 4-digit code which is displayed on the terminal screen or which is obtained through a text message-in case of other rental channels. The code must be entered from left to right side-at the level of a ridged line on the clamp. Code lock is unlocked via a, obtained 4-digit code which is displayed on the terminal screen or which is obtained through a text message-in case of other rental channels. The code must be entered from left to right side-at the level of a ridged line on the clamp.

It is enough to place the bike in the electric lock. In order to ensure that the return has been conducted successfully, verify the return on your user account.

In case it is not possible to return the bike at the docking station you should tie the bike with a locking line to the rack's eye or to another bike and then proceed with the correct return action-by making identification at the terminal, pressing the "Return" button and following the instructions displayed or calling the hotline (in case of a closed station).

In order to check whether the bike was correctly returned log into your city biker account through the internet service or mobile Nexbike application. The correctness of return may be verified at the terminal or by calling the hotline.

You may rent a maximum of 4 bikes per one account. For each bike the system calculates the rental time separately, therefore, you do not have to return all the bikes at the same time. In case of non-standard rentals, that is, group rentals please contact us at the address: [email protected]

In case of problems with conducting any operation at the terminal please contact the Customer Service Office of the city bike system. This will let you conduct a given operation smoothly and in no time.

The lamp in Nextbike bicycles is switched on automatically once the bike is put in motion. All the biker needs to do thus is to start pedaling and the lamp will light up the way before him.

Nextbike systems are compatible. This means that registration in one of them gives access to the other bike systems of which Nextbike is the operator without any additional formalities-in accordance with the local price list.ika.

In order to make the process of bike rental simpler, the identification was made possible by means of any device with a touchless identifier function. All you need to do is to give your telephone and PIN number at the terminal upon your initial or any subsequent rental and then hold the card against to the reader. Upon the subsequent rental you may identify yourself at the terminal with the use of this card. There is a possibility of logging solely by means of the card, upon entering the PIN code-in order to do that select the option " Ask me about PIN upon each rental and return for safety reasons" in the tab " Password" on my account.

You may rent a bike straight away. If, however, a user wishes to rent the same bike he should wait for 3 minutes.

Of course, however,  common sense remains key in this case. Do not leave the bike in isolated or "risky" spots and always remember to tie them correctly with a line with a code lock with  fixed, solid elements and surely nothing bad will happen to them. We also want to assure you that noone else will be able to rent such a bike via mobile application  or QR code-tied for a moment during a ride with a code lock, since  the bike will be visible as occupied within the system.

Pricelists in place within our city bike systems are available at the following link: www.lodzkirowerpubliczny.pl/cennik Veturilo – Warszawski Rower Publiczny: www.veturilo.waw.pl/informacje Wrocławski Rower Miejski: www.wroclawskirower.pl/cennik Lubelski Rower Miejski: www.lubelskirower.pl/cennik BiKeR – Białostocka Komunikacja Rowerowa: www.bikerbialystok.pl/cennik Poznański Rower Miejski: nextbike.pl/miasta/poznanski-rower-miejski/cennik-2 Opole Bike: nextbike.pl/miasta/opole-bike/cennik-3 Grodziski Rower Miejski: www.rowery.grodzisk.pl/cennik City by bike Katowice: www.citybybike.pl/cennik Konstanciński Rower Miejski: www.konstancinskirower.pl/cennik Rower Gminny Juchnowiec Kościelny: www.rowerjuchnowiec.pl/cennik Within each of the systems the initial payment, which at the same time  is the first payment towards rentals, amounts to 20 PLN. For the biker's account to be active (thus, enabling the use of bikes) the minimum of 10 PLN must be available within it.

Post logging into the account in the city bike service go to fast payment within the tab "Payment methods" by selecting a given amount. There is also a possibility of selecting a bank from the drop down list and making the payment via standard bank transfer with the use of data generated within the framework of the account of Nextbike. NOTICE: Title of the transfer is dedicated to a specific user and it is crucial for payment identification. ikacji wpłaty.

If during registration payment via card with a possibility of charging is selected-payment for each bike ride will be charged automatically.

Most likely the payment has not yet been recorded. The booking hours of transfers depend on a given bank where a user has his bank account. We recommend  familiarizing with a document " Booking hours for transfers" available in the tab "Terms of use" on the internet website of the city bike system.

You can change the selected payment method at any time. In order to do so contact the Customer Service Office.

Most like there is less than 10PLN on your user account (the amount necessary for the account to remain active-to be able to avail of the bikes). For this reason, the operator recommends topping up the account with a higher amount than 10 PLN-ie. 20 or 30 PLN.

First of all, don't get annoyed. If the amount which the system calculated for bike rental is not adequate and in line with the factual state you need to submit the complaint by sending a message to the email address of Customer Service Office of a given city bike system. We need a maximum of 14 days to analyze it but we will try to answer as fast as possible. If post verification it turns out that the system made an error, the entire calculated sum will be returned.

It all depends on the booking hours of transfers at a given bank in which the user has an account. Information about this is available within the document " Booking hours of transfers" in the tab " Terms of use".

We will be grateful to obtain such information (containing the number of the problematic station or bike) through sending the message on the funpage of the city bike system on Facebook, email message to the address of the Customer Service Office or by calling the hotline. The service  will check out the problem and remove a defect  as soon as possible. Our personnel monitors the status of the system 24 hours a day, whilst such notifications allow us to react even faster.

Nextbike bikes  are not adjusted to mounting child seats or carrying passengers.

In case of a theft of  a bike during rental you should inform the Customer Service Office  about it within the maximum of 12 hours from the moment of bike rental.

Normally, during identification you should not be asked about credit card number. Such a situation may occur when, for example, the user gives a wrong telephone number. You should straight away call the Customer Service Office where our consultant will try to identify and solve the problem.

Nextbike relocation teams move the bikes around 24 hours a day during the week so that the lack of bikes at the stations is filled out on an ongoing basis. We are however not able to guarantee, especially during the peak of season, that there will always be an available bike at each of the stations. This does not however mean that the employees of Nextbike will not attempt to resolve such situations immediately.

We may declare, on our side, that as the system operator we will make every effort to expand the system and add sponsored launched in cooperation with local entrepreneurs. Similar solutions function in all the cities  where systems serviced by Nextbike Polska  are in place.

Log in and registration pages as well as " Your account" are SSL-encrypted which may be seen through the link upon entry to each of these pages. Pages which launch API Nextbike application are in addition encrypted but they work based on iframe, thus, it is not visible within their address. On top of that encrypting was switched on and encrypted for the entire service. We therefore guarantee that the use of website is 100% safe at every stage.